Enjoying the State Parks

If you are not one who enjoys camping (I’m not), consider day trips to state parks within a couple of hours. There are bound to be treasures for your family to see!  We just so happen to be a little over an hour from the largest sand dunes in North America!

I love this place. It’s so hard to get the scope of just how big it is with pictures.  Here the kids RUN up a dune.

I love the views you can see from above.

What goes up…

has fun going down…

The winds that are common are one of the reasons the dunes are there in the first place. But blowing sand can be annoying.

Anabelle came prepared – nothing was going to ruin her enjoyment of the dunes!

I love bringing more than one camera.  This picture of Kat was taken with a very old camera but I love seeing the kids’ perspectives!

Amazing what vegetation can grow in the desert.

The foot cracks me up.

Turns out playing with a stunt kite on the dunes is a lot of fun!

Gone a little over 5 hours and came back feeling like we had an awesome vacation.

Enjoy a mini-vacation today!



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