Everyone’s a Critic

Like many, I’m in the process of planning the menu for the 10 day holiday break.  So for today’s Friday flashback I’m reminded of Anabelle’s encouragement a few years ago regarding my cooking skills:

I made fudge the other day, and Anabelle while she munched, shouted, “FIVE STARS FOR MOM!!!”

I must admit it made me feel pretty good.  She does that every once in a while when she likes what I’ve made for dinner too.  BUT – then there was tonight.  Out and about shopping this afternoon, I wanted a fast easy dinner the night before thanksgiving.  We agreed upon Taquitos, and Mike threw a batch in the oven to cook while we walked the dog.
As we sat down to Taquitos and salad, Anabelle hungrily dipped her Taquito into salsa, and opened her mouth wide, then clamped it shut.  She looked at Mike and I and asked, “Who made this dinner?”
“Dad,” I answered.
She shouted, “TEN STARS FOR DAD!”
“TEN STARS!  I’ve only ever gotten five,” I remarked.
She gave me a sympathetic half grin and replied, “You’ll get there someday.”

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