Expect Lots of Giggles – A Cure for Cabin Fever

Aside from the fact that you can expect a lot of giggles at our house each day, I’m certain we’ll have an abundant amount today.

Today Iowa was declared a state in 1846. Since Mike & I have many fond memories of Iowa, I wanted to honor this day. But what to do?

I tried to think of everything I could about Iowa – GREAT friends, John Deere, bad weather, corn fields, bad weather, football, bad weather, awesome colleges, bad weather, mosquitos, and bad weather.

I just keep thinking that people must have really loved the land to stay and declare it a state towards the end of December.

So then I decided to see if Iowa had any unusual laws on the books (now or in the past).

In Marshalltown, horses are forbidden to eat fire hydrants. (Aw, man.)

In Mount Vernon, you must have a city permit before throwing bricks at the highway.

One that I personally agree with — in Indianola, the “Ice Cream Man” and “his truck” are banned.

In Fort Madison, fire fighters were required to practice firefighting for fifteen minutes before attending a fire. (Um, thanks for coming, but we don’t need you anymore. Everything is burned up.)

One-armed piano players must play for free, kissing may not last for more than five minutes, a man with a mustache may never kiss a woman in public, and men are not allowed to wink at women they do not know!

So if your kiddos are getting bored during Holiday break, tell them to pick a state and see if they can find any unusual laws. Expect giggles and gasps.

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2 comments to Expect Lots of Giggles – A Cure for Cabin Fever

  • Becky

    To honor Iowa… our family has a ‘CornMeal’ when the sweetcorn is good. We invite others and everyone has to bring something that is made of corn or has corn in the title. (candy corn, corn chips, corndogs, cornbread, etc. And of course, we provide the sweetcorn! Some people even got creative and brought soda b/c the main ingredient was corn syrup.) Just an idea for your future Iowa celebrations!! :) Glad you miss the people, but I’m with you on the weather! Why do I live here???

    • Fun Mom

      I love that idea, Becky! We need to get someone to ship us Iowa sweetcorn. We could do a potato party in Idaho too. I just made twice-baked potatoes and got the fever. Thanks!

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