Family Bible Reading

Since we’re half way thru the year, I feel I might be qualified to offer some tips should you try the same journey with your family.So here you go -

Tip#1:  Do not start reading Ecclesiastes as a family after having one of the best days of summer thus far.

With each book of the Bible, I’ve had an idea of how my kids will most likely react, like moms do for most things.  Let’s just say they reacted exactly OPPOSITE of how I thought they would.

Ecc. 1:2 “‘Meaningless! Meaningless!’ says the Teacher. ‘Utterly meaningless! Everything is meaningless!’”

GIGGLES erupted from each child.

This didn’t bode well since we were only on verse 2!

We try to press on.  When the kids start to realize a  pattern, namely that after describing friendship, of money, or wisdom, that Solomon then writes, “This too is meaningless” the kids kept cracking up!

“It sounds like Snape’s diary,” Katarina quipped.

By then they were all in gut-belly laugh mode.

“If everything is meaningless then why are we reading it?” Sam asked, still laughing.

Oh dear.  It’s hard to get the writer’s intent when you’re so happy.

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4 comments to Family Bible Reading

  • Kristen @ Celebrate Every Day With Me

    That is really funny! Neat that you’re all reading through the Bible together. I’m curious: do you read together in the morning or before bedtime, etc?

    • Fun Mom

      Right after dinner! It wouldn’t have worked last year for us, and I’m sure it won’t work next year… but this year, that’s the perfect time!

  • Lisa Citino

    We’ve been memorizing Bible verses as a family, and it is great. However, I would LOVE all read the Bible together. Have you followed a schedule and where did you get the schedule? Do the kids take turns reading aloud or does Mom or Dad do the reading? I’m just curious how you kind of got it going… we have time before school every day when we do family devotionals. I’d love this school year to start reading the Bible!!! I just found your site because we are making the fun bookmarks of the kids and I just can’t stop reading. THank you for your fun website!!! My kids are 9,8,6 and 2 and the bookmarks turned out really really cute!

    • Heather

      Thank you!!! So glad the bookmarks turned out. I still use mine daily. On the site BibleGateway they have all sorts of reading plans. We used the chronological in a year reading plan and it was a time in our life where we could spend the 15-30 minutes reading each night after dinner. Some nights we had to catch up on two days worth, but usually that’s how. We did take turns reading aloud (a few verses at a time) but then on other days, if we could tell they were tired or we didn’t have much time, just us parents read. You know when some chapters are just a huge list of names? On those days, my husband would take a deep breath and just read them fast – later on he’d pause when there would be a name the kids would recognize from a previous book of the Bible and just asked if they remembered who that was. They always did, and they felt so cool. ( ;

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