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Have you ever come across an idea and suddenly it seemed like the most obvious idea in the world and then you were mad at yourself for not thinking of it first?

No? Oh, well, it happened to me yesterday when Katarina begged me to check out something called, “Kid History.” Essentially, it’s kids telling their dads & uncles true stories as the children remember them… and the adults acting it out. And we found it… hilarious. Enjoy!

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5 comments to Family Fun Entertainment

  • Becky

    Perhaps it’s that I’m incredibly sleep deprived right now, but I seriously am laughing so hard I’m crying… tears running down my face. This is hilarious. I’d LOVE to do this with some of the stories Boaz tells! :) Thanks for sharing this today!

  • Deb S

    I cannot WAIT to do this with our kids! I am laughing so hard my belly hurts. Thanks for sharing!

  • Fun Mom

    Can you imagine if we had thought of this when we first had playgroups? Oh the fun …. ( ;

  • Kristen @ Celebrate Every Day With Me

    That is hilarious! What a fun idea. Definitely going on my list of to-do’s!

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