Family Fun with Big Mike

Each Sunday, as many of you know, our family likes to find a new outdoor venue to explore.  In our on and off again series of Hijacking People When They Come Over and Making Them Teach Us Stuff, a neighbor told us about an old train depot that has one of four Union Pacific trains in existence.  This local is particularly useful in teaching us about cool places we’d otherwise never know about –

When you enter this depot you admire the vaulted ceiling and gleaming wood floors, benches, and old concession stand.  See the window at the very top of the tower?  We went up there and were able to see the entire city.

Yet part of our Sunday tradition, is taking fun pictures.  We just can’t help ourselves.

Meet Big Mike, otherwise known as an amazing machine of steel, not to be confused with my husband who goes by the same name and description.

It was a very harrowing end to the day.

My poor son.  Can you see his outstreched hand behind the girls?  Ah, we love this place… and photo editing… and watching our newly created slideshows with a cup of ice cream.

It’s a fun Sunday tradition – let me know if you try it!


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