Feedback, International Space, and Traffic Directing

Last night, since it was National Author’s Day, after all, I presented the family with 2 versions of something I’m working on—2 pages of each version.

The first version is in first person with a boy being the main character; the second version is in third person with a girl being the main character.  The story is essentially the same, I’m just trying to figure out which point of view would be better, and I thought my family could help me.

Two members of my family insisted the first person male account was the best and the funniest; Two members of my family insisted the third person female account was the best and the funniest.

They were a lot of help.

I think I’ll start over with a first person female account. How’s that for compromise? ( :

Ten years ago, a crew inhabited the international space station. 1 american, 2 russians. They stayed on the thing until March 2001 when they were replaced by a new crew. 16 nations participate in the project. This is too cool not to show the kids. Their website is awesome with video interviews of the astronauts on at the time.

If I were on a space station, I’d want people to watch. (Is there anybody out there???)  So we’re going to check it out tonight. Plus, they have an awesome Just for Kids website where I found a cool musical, video,  literary art contest going on for kids ages 10-17.  Bummed that only one of my kiddos can enter, but I love to encourage them to submit their art wherever they can.

It’s also National Traffic Directors Day.  I thought it would be funny to dress up as a traffic director when school gets out and the massive amount of kids literally spread out all over the subdivision streets and cars simply have to stop because there’s no way they’re getting anywhere for approximately 3 minutes.

How would the kids react to a traffic director?  It could be funny. Let me know if you try it.

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