Feeling Cross

Yesterday our power went out for a couple of hours.
Certainly not a big deal. Except it heightened the fact that I rely on my routines — no power, no posting. And I simply forgot to post the rest of the day.

What have we been doing? Well, baking cookies, arranging schedules so the kids can play with their friends, tidying up, and getting involved in many of the kids’ wacky schemes.

The other day was the anniversary of the Crossword Puzzle. In 1913, Arthur Wynee published one in the New York World. So, since my kids love a good crossword, we made one.

You can print out our homemade crossword puzzle (it’s a Word doc.) for your enjoyment too by clicking here. Keep in mind, we’re a silly bunch!

Other fun on the agenda:   we plan on doing a photo shoot for someone who loves tea in our family.  Check it out to see what I’m talking about.

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