First Day of Fall!!

Once upon a time (three months ago), a girl (mom) moved into a house that had weeds as tall as herself in the front.  She pulled them out then thought, “Huh. I’ll just put a seed there and see what happens.”

Her bag of seeds was a jumbled mess from a couple years prior but she randomly picked a seed and threw it in and continued to unpack.

Now, the one seed has traveled all along the side of the house and now wrapped around the front!  The girl would be quite embarrassed by her landscaping if she didn’t think growing pumpkins was so cool!

So for the first day of Fall, some planning must occur.  Did you know that a lot of sites offer pumpkin carving templates?!  Fun!

Like this Phineas pumpkin!

If you are planning today, you might want to see our Halloween Pinterest of ideas! Or our stuff we’re doing this fall collection of ideas.

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