Merry Christmas! Kirby the Elf Showed Up…AGAIN!

Hope you had a Merry Christmas!  Christmas Eve was packed with fun activities….


Gingerbread House Making….

I thought it might be fun to just whip up some icing of powdered sugar and water and use graham crackers.

The kids seemed to enjoy it, but…

it was a little more mess than I was bargaining for.  Going with the kits next year…

Then we went to a Christmas Eve service, ate a scrumptious dinner of twice baked potatoes and homemade clam chowder, and watched Prep and Landing to make sure that we wouldn’t make any mistakes this year.

Maybe the elves wouldn’t even need to leave us any nastygrams!  We even visited Disney online and went through the elf checklist, and made the cookies that Prep and Landing recommended – the ones that resembled the elf scanners in the movie!  Then we went off to bed.

You won’t believe it -

In the morning, we found crime scene tape made from wrapping paper, hallways wrapped, and even the dog we were babysitting for our neighbors had her dog kennel covered in wrapping paper!
This letter was waiting for us on top of the empty plate:


From the desk of

We apologize for the inconvenience on Christmas, however, we are bound by Statute 122510 to inform you that Eggnog Mist was sprayed in every bedroom. The Mist was unavoidable when it was discovered that your cookies were, in fact, replicas of our elf scanner cookies. Pursuant to Operation Jingle we were forced to put every human in a long sleep, and put the cookies in quarantine in order to determine how our team has been compromised. Side effects may include: grogginess, eagerness, confusion, thankfulness, grouchiness, and the overwhelming urge to eat too many sweets.

You may be relieved to know that 862 other families also made such elf scanner replicas, and we have, after a long night, concluded that a company known as Disney was the culprit, and the cookies had no microchips within. Disney got coal in their stockings.

Unfortunately, some mess from our investigation may remain. We apologize. We were under a time crunch. We hope you understand. And Santa finally did eat your cookies. Yum.

Senior Elf Kirby here, secretary to Santa… we corresponded the last two years, and I must say that I was surprised to see you had another dog. You promised! I thought we agreed no more pets. Sugar and I are becoming friends and she actually helped guard the quarantine area. Good dog.

However, that other dog—well, she’s so hyper nothing worked! Sleeping mist, the dog ray, the dog bone, nothing! She kept trying to bark! We had to resort to wrapping her kennel. I wanted to give her coal but Santa said no. I’m sure she’s a nice dog at heart.

And you have a relative here! Was that last minute?!? What are you trying to do to me!? We’re supposed to know these things! We probably would’ve wrapped him up because he kept trying to peak but we didn’t have enough wrapping paper. How wonderful! We treated him like one of the family. Hope he understands about the eggnog mist.

Santa asked me to pass the following along:

To all of you, Santa saw you jump back and forth from the naughty to nice list many times. Some of his gifts will need to be shared, and he just reminds you that he will be watching. Sam, Santa says that once again he had to get creative. Katarina, Santa says he hasn’t had someone ask for the things on your list in years and he thanks you for the chuckle. Anabelle, Santa says your gift is very rare and he hopes you take care to keep track of it.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!!!

Still we had a WONDERFUL Christmas morning full of laughs and surprises. We are very, very blessed indeed.
Hope you had a Merry Christmas too! Did any elves have to leave nasty grams for you??

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