Food Gymnastics

Ideas come in strange and bizarre ways sometimes.   Hubby & I saw a late night comedy sketch where the news announcer, not having access to actual news footage, used Hostess® Twinkies® for a balance beam to talk about Olympic gymnastics.  While Hubby was laughing, I was thinking ‘Genius idea!’

Ideally, I would use a sheet of foam to place the ends of bamboo skewers (cut in half).  But I used what I had and that was enough for my daughter’s doll to practice her gymnastics routine.

UNTIL the Twinkie slid down the skewers and split in half.  The kids were NOT disappointed.  They knew just what to do with that Twinkie. So we left the plastic on the next balance beam.

Super silly imaginative fun.  (Not pictured:  Twix® Uneven Bars.  They were too yummy.)




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