Food, Mistletoe, and Dickinson

I wrote the title with a different post in mind, but come to think of it, those three things together sound pretty good to me! Although, maybe more for a date than family fun. Moving on…

Yesterday, was the date that shall live in infamy… I’m talking about Pearl Harbor Day. And I struggled with wanting to honor it but not knowing how to go about it for our kids.

But the more I read, even survivors who visit schools acknowledge that they’ve accepted that elementary kids just can’t fathom something like that. So we tried… yep, they didn’t get it. And maybe that’s good for now. They grow up so fast anyway.

Yesterday, Mike was also sick with a nasty cold. I have frequently documented my cooking disasters, claiming I’ll never cook again. But I always do. And I wanted to this week! Yesterday I made a yummy Chinese dish in a crockpot so I was feeling confident.

Sam requested some sort of cheesy pasta. Mike makes a scrumptious creamy chicken pasta, so when Mike came home from work, I sent him to bed with Airborne, and started cooking bacon, red onions, mushrooms, and chicken. Separately. And before I knew it, I had dirtied every pot and pan. And it wasn’t looking good.

Mercifully, Mike only rested for a little bit and came in to see my panic. ‘That’s too hot, that’s not hot enough, you need to add this…’ And he rescued my horrible mess. As he did, I lamented that I needed a recipe with actual measurements. He responded, ‘I’ve come to realize that it’s more about the construction of the meal than the actual measurements.’ There’s something deep and profound in that statement, so I started thinking about laying the right foundation in our lives.

And started to burn the onions.

This is why I dislike cooking, but like baking. Baking I can get lost in thoughts and it still turns out okay (most likely because I have an oven timer).

Mike took over. And it was the best meal ever!!! The kids were raving and asked how we came up with this new recipe. I explained.

Anabelle leaned over and whispered, “Screw up every night, okay?”

And as it’s Emily Dickinson’s birthday, we’re studying some of her poems and life. She was a very unusual girl, and the history behind her work is fascinating to me.

But, I found out that she preferred baking… and some of her poems were found on backs of baking chocolate wrappers.

I think we should bake something tonight in her honor.
And, finally, I thought this printable Mistletoe was so cute. If you remember Sam and Anabelle ‘claim’ mistletoe is their number one fear. Isn’t it a mom’s duty to help their kids face their fears safely? Like maybe hang a printable mistletoe somewhere in the house? (I promise I’ll take it down if any guests come over.)


***UPDATE*** I found out later, that I had read my calendar wrong. Emily Dickinson’s birthday is not until December 10th. My apologies!

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