Fun Ways to Prep for Christmas

I love those Pixar people. They know how to tell a story.  And a few years ago they made my favorite Christmas movie, Prep and Landing:

Why is it my favorite? Aside from the fact that it’s 22 minutes of engaging non-stop entertainment with layers of plot and character development, aside from the fact that it seems they were spying on what happens in our house on Christmas Eve, it always makes me stop and think.

Wayne is a senior elf that has wholeheartedly done Christmas year after year. Been there done that. I know it’s just an animated flick but it just goes to show it’s good storytelling: Whenever I watch his character, I can’t help but think of myself and my family. Have we become lukewarm not just to the thoughts of Christmas but to the wonder and amazement of the gospel?

We all know that we’re celebrating that Jesus was born. Most of us get why we celebrate. But it’s easy to wonder why do we do the decorations, the presents, the cards, the expense, the hassle of running around and exhausting ourselves?
Symbolism, traditions… yes. Fun memories… or at least memories? Definitely.

What I want my kids to look at, what the funny elf learned to look at, is the fruit of Christmas:
People don’t demand gifts, they give gifts.
It’s a time, a reminder, to purposefully think about others instead of ourselves.
We search for ways to show our love to others.
And all of it is an opportunity to retell the birth of our Savior. When you hear it, if you’ve heard it “a million times” it might not hit you in the chest, but often when you tell it something happens and it stirs your heart.

So if this sounds like a fun conversation/family night. Here is some silly fun to go with it! My favorite are the gingerbread men scanners.
Have a look at the disney version then ours and you’ll have yourself a good laugh.

Happy Holidays!

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