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The youngest took to telling secrets with Bananagrams and Scrabble tiles.  Too bad she forgot to clean them up. I hope she maintains this form of secret-telling for quite some time. ( ;

Today we’re flashing back to Valentine’s Day again as my eldest daughter would like to guest post:

Hey everyone! Kat here. I figured it was about time I had something to say on this, so whether you like it or not, it’s time for…. Kat’s Words of Wisdom!!!!!

Considering this is the age of texting :), it is fitting that today’s lesson will be about what NOT to do when you face a situation like this one: Suppose you recently get a new phone OR lost all your contact numbers on your phone, and you need someone’s number.

When your friend, relative, boss, etc. gives you the phone number you need, DO NOT send a text message to that person to test the phone number with a message that may be considered… threatening- to someone who ISN’T your friend.

By this point, you may be asking yourselves, “Why should I listen to this? I could be doing better things right now like eating my taco!” Well, let me tell you something. First, I’m 15 years old, so I know everything, duh. Second, I tell you this from experience.

You see, for my 15th birthday, I got a new phone.  One of my friend’s phone numbers had been deleted, so my plan was to ask them for their phone number the next day at school. The next day, I went to school like usual. My first class I had with my friend. Before I could ask her for the number, the school went into lockdown. Within half a second, I whipped out my phone and was texting away.

The story was that a guy with a double-sided, military grade ax had walked into the middle school about half a mile away, and cops (even a SWAT team) were swarming the school trying to find this guy who was spotted by the school nurse. I even got a picture of the middle school with like 15 cops outside it to prove it!

After awhile, I was still stuck in English class with all my work done, so FINALLY I asked my friend for her number.  So of course, I texted her to see if my phone would work. Right after I had sent the message, she gasped. “Did I say 833?” I nodded. “Umm, well its actually 823.”

I realized with a start that I had sent a text message to some person probably clear across the state. Normally, I wouldn’t freak out about that, except I burst out laughing when I realized what text that person would get. They would get an anonymous text message saying, “AX MURDERER!!!”

FYI, the person that called the alarm had actually seen a foldable shovel that a teacher had sent for as a prop about WWII. Its kinda like the lockdown in New Mexico that was called because a teacher thought a kid’s large burrito was a gun. No, seriously! Look it up.

This has been Kat’s Words of Wisdom.  I hope you now know not to send an unsuspecting citizen anything like, “AX MURDERER!!!”, or anything like that.



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