Games and Kindness

Sam and Anabelle came home yesterday extremely irritated with the new recess rules.

“At this rate, kids will LOSE their imaginations!” Sam exclaimed.

Anabelle nodded eagerly.  At first I laughed, but now I understand their distress. I read an article where some states are considering taking away recess as a cure (in my opinion, misguided) to bullying.  Thankfully they aren’t taking recess away here but there are extra rules that, I admit, hinder my kids’ imaginative play.

So, now than ever, it’s important to encourage their creative play at home.  Speaking of playing… it’s National Gaming Day sponsored by the American Library Association (although 8 other countries are participating too!).   As such, libraries all over the country will offer all sorts of games from board games, to video games.   They’re trying to beat their record of 31000 people playing games on this holiday.

Some games offer the chance to get more creative than others, like the game we played last week, Cranium: Family Version.  Our kids could not get enough of it. I highly recommend it, but be warned, you might be asked to play again…and again… and again…. and (well, you get the idea).  But the laughter and smiles are so worth it.

Check out what your local library is doing today at I Love Libraries/Gaming Day.

It’s also World Kindness Day sponsored by the random acts of kindness foundation.  They recommend starting by making a point to say Hello or Good Morning to everyone you see.  They also have a fun link that shows you how to say Good Morning in 250 languages.

Games and Kindness… sounds like a good weekend to me!  Since games make an awesome Christmas gift, care to share your favorites???

This game is our family’s current fave.

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