Georgia Pecan Month, Basketball, and General Hospital

“I love to write day” started off looking to fulfill its purpose, but as things go in this family, it quickly turned into giggles, and then finally… into “I love to do art” night.

Today, November 16th, is very special to me, since 26 years ago I held my breath while Houston successfully blocked 20 Denver shots tying, at that time, the NBA regulation game record.

Nah, it’s not really special to me. Just seeing if you were paying attention. But you read all sorts of fascinating things when you start your day by investigating ‘this day in history.’

I don’t know anyone who watched that bball game, but I do remember a lot of talking going on this day in history, 29 years ago, because that was when Luke married Laura on General Hospital. I didn’t understand the significance, except, hey, I always like a good wedding. What girl doesn’t?Apparently 16 million people like a good tv wedding.

What am I gonna do with all this info?

Except that I see time is ticking down to Thanksgiving, and I need to find an amazing pecan pie recipe. After all, it is National Georgia Pecan month! The Georgia Pecan site has lots of good recipes,but then again, this apple pie recipe with pecans from The Pioneer Woman also has me salivating.

Any good pecan pie favorites at your house?

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