Giggles, Experiments, and Tigers, Oh My!

Yesterday was one of those moments where time stops and you find yourself asking, “How much longer is this going to last?”

In a good way.  And you want time to stay frozen awhile.

We live in a city. I never wanted to live in the city, but if you have to, I feel like I have the best of both worlds. (cue Hannah Montana)

We specifically wanted to be close to a zoo.  And since we’ve been here we haven’t gone nearly enough.  So Sunday, we hopped in the car, and the kids decided to all sit together in one row, even though there are two generous seats in the back.

Usually this is asking for trouble.

They giggled the ENTIRE WAY THERE.  Making each other laugh, talking like best friends.  It was magical.  It was the time stop moment.

The zoo was a blast. A tiger walked up to the glass leaned down (I was squatted with Anabelle to help her see it). He pressed his face against the glass and looked right into my eyes.

Kat took a picture of it happening.

I think my heart stopped for five seconds.  And then he yawned. HUGE teeth.  Awesome.

My kids aren’t used to the city.  Particularly, billboards.  On the way home, Katarina said, “Hey mom!  That billboard says Life’s Too Short To Clean Your Own Home.”

I smarted off that it was right. Your children should.

That wasn’t her point. ( :

Then they saw a billboard that Anabelle missed. So they described it for her.  A man without his shirt on.

Anabelle sighed and asked, seriously, “Was he kissing his muscles?”

Giggles all the way home.

We’re still celebrating National Chemistry Week.  I checked the sponsor, ACS Chemistry for Life, and they have a theme: “Behind the Scenes with Chemistry.”  Finding out the science behind special effects sounds AWESOME!  They recommend shows like Mythbusters and a book called The Science of Harry Potter as a starting point.  This is going to be FUN!

I’ll leave you with a few more zoo pics Katarina took:

They were cleaning the penguins’ home so the penguins were all huddled next to the glass, talking.

The prairie dog with the carrot walked right up to me, stood up on his legs, and did the Bugs Bunny move – stared at me with one hand down, and the other hand to the side, chomping on his carrot.

They have tunnels for the kids to run in and stick their head up.  The kids ran away when one ‘crawled’ over the glass portal.

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