Glow in the Dark Scavenger Hunt

Looking for a cure for cabin fever?  I found a sneaky way to get the kids to declutter:  Gather any useless fast food toys or broken toys for a glow-in-dark scavenger hunt.

We found a cheap pack of glow in the dark paints at Target during the Halloween season, but I’ve noticed a lot of packs at the hobby stores year round.

Take the broken, or useless fast food toys and paint them!  If you don’t want the paint all over it, I HIGHLY recommend painting the eyes, and teeth if the toys have it.

Here’s our collection, painted and ready to go.  I found a few glow-in-the dark stars that had fallen off ceilings and put them into use too.  Then place them underneath a lamp and wait until dark!

We chose one room that was the safest.  You don’t want to hide objects in a room with sharp furniture or breakable decorative items!  I had the family wait on the stairs while I hid the objects, then I turned off all the lights, led them into the room and the scavenger hunt began!

Note:  If you decide to let the kids have flashlights in this type of indoor nighttime game, then notify any caring neighbors in the area so that you don’t find your house surrounded by policemen. ( I speak from experience. Pretty memorable childhood moment, though!)

For Parents ONLY:

If you want to have some extra fun, hide these babies in  your pocket and wait until the kids start hunting and then randomly throw them out into the room!  Expect some screams and lots of giggles!  I don’t recommend using an actual nerf gun in this scenario – too easy to shoot someone at close range (ouch!)

The kids had so much fun.  Once all the objects are found, be prepared for them to want to do it again… and again… and again!   Cabin fever cured!


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