Granola and Art

I’ve never heard anyone trash Pinterest. I don’t know how they make any money on the ad-free(thus far) site, but I love it!

So a few of my favorite things: Granola. Thanks to Mom on a Mission, I made 7 cups of homemade granola. It took 1 minute to microwave the liquids and 10 minutes to bake the whole schbang. I took out the SEVEN cups of granola and boom –
I’m pretty sure the family inhaled it.  I have no idea how I have hardly any left within a few HOURS.  Safe to say it passed the family taste test.

Shhh… I have another batch in the oven.

It’s that time of year where art contests abound!  Districts, Google, etc.  Get inspired with some of these very fun, kid-approved art projects with paint!

Such an easy art project! – check it out!  Sketch, outline with black acrylic paint, and fill in the gaps with watercolors – I used professional tubes because a dot of paint can fill a sizable portion of the page (and the set was on clearance for under 2 dollars).  I cheated and bought cardstock instead of watercolor pages… so much cheaper but with comparable results!

The family did this Romero Britto lesson all together.  Fun for Valentine’s Day!

And finally, my kiddos believe tape + paint = FUN!  I want to do this project again!

All of this colorful art makes me long for spring.  I’ll be tuning in tomorrow to see what Phil says!  Did you know they had a live webcast?!  Hope you have a Happy Groundhog Day!

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