Green Screen

After a fabulous visit to the Science Center, I’m inspired to make a green screen for family videos.


Look how much fun they’re having.

Granted, the result is a bit disturbing. But they certainly have the right amount of drama.

With great drama, comes great possibilities…

Oh No! A Shark!

Swim Away While You Still Have the Chance!

Headless Sam

One Busy Shark -- Moves So Fast Seems Like It Doesn't Move At All

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3 comments to Green Screen

  • wendy hania

    You had entirely too much sugar in a non-alcoholic formula. This is evidenced by your elevated energy levels following Thanksgiving dinner. We took naps instead of visitng educational destinations & making green screens. I feel like a looser!

    Someone in my car today asked to have the window put down. She was a visitor. It was 29 degrees outside. I had to share that I had a “friend” (nameless) who had this window incident in the car…. you know the story. Dixie had to ask all quiet like… Was that Ms. Heather. I nodded. She added – Sam said that… didn’t he?

    Cass & I both laughed. You guys bring joy to our lives!!!

  • wendy hania

    Oh.. Wait..
    You didn’t paint your wall…. The pic was taken AT the science center.

    Darn… I totally missed that til the second reading.

    I must need a nap!

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