Hairy Tales

Over the past few years I’ve learned that I enjoy a glass of red wine with a square of dark chocolate while sitting around late at night with other adults. Sitting around, talking, laughing quietly (so we don’t wake up little ones OR annoy another table, depending on the venue) is just fun and a satisfying way to close the day.

Last night, the littlest one had crashed hard leaving a tween and teen wide-awake (while their parents worked hard to keep their eyes open). It was one of those days where we all went different directions and hadn’t really connected.

I found myself pouring grape juice into a wine goblet and passing it and a square of chocolate to a surprised teen…then another tween.

The four of us sat on the couch without distractions and quietly discussed our days, the news, and–as usually happens among adults– lots of laughter.

Here’s one interchange I have permission to tell:

“Look at that, you have a smooth spot on your calf, I wonder if your pants are rubbing all the hair off,” I said to my tween.

“So it’s totally normal to have this hairy of legs?”

“Yes. All boys your age do,” I replied.

“Without coffee?”

“?” I said. (I gave the ‘look’)

“Everyone is saying coffee will put hair on your chest. What if we don’t want hair on our chests?” he exclaimed.

Funny man. “Guys get hairy legs without coffee,” I explained. “In fact, I think all guys have hairy legs…except, of course, swimmers.”

He nodded. “THAT makes sense.”

“Yes,” I agreed. “Because they shave their legs for competition.”

His eyes widened. “Oh! I thought it was because of the lack of oxygen.”

And after other tales and giggles, we all went to bed feeling like we had a few minutes of vacation before embarking on another busy, busy day.

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