Halloween Cakes And Cupcakes (And Why You Need Aunts)

Kids need Aunts because only Aunts  would be patient enough to mix up every color of frosting and teach the kids how to make their vision come true onto the cupcake.  Katarina loved the trick her Aunt taught her of making spirals on the cake then using a toothpick to make delicious spiderwebs.

I believe only an Aunt would hear from her teenage niece that she was supposed to bring baked goods hours ago to a fundraiser for her band (but she just forgot to mention it), and then proceed to whip up three cake batches (all from scratch), and then let a bunch of teenage girls take over the kitchen.

Their cupcakes were one of the first to sell out at the fundraiser and the girls had a blast doing it!

Only an aunt, after all that, would then teach the youngest how to decorate a whole cake.

And we’re very glad that this Aunt is also a chef because it all tasted very, very good. Here is the recipe for the cake batter everyone drools over:  Vanilla Bean Cake Batter.


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