Halloween Fun!

We finally finished the pumpkins! Decided to skip the green leaves on their ‘vines.’

The lil pumpkins wanted a family photo before grabbing a marshmallow.

Sam tells them all to be patient and wait their turn.

They started off trying to roast their marshmallows around one jack o’lantern.

Soon they realized that they could spread out a bit.

This little guy snuck around the corner and got Anabelle’s jack o’lantern all to himself.  Anabelle had painted hair on this pretty jack o lantern but when we went outside the paint immediately flaked off. So weird!  In the dark, however, it makes for a cool effect.

It looks like a pumpkin block party at our house! Those pumpkins sure have good taste in chocolate.

This family fun project wouldn’t be nearly such a good time if my husband wasn’t on board. Some days he’s more into whatever insane project/activity/topic I’ve discovered than others, but in general he makes the activity so much more fun. Last night was no different.

When Sam was ready to make his ninja sword, we brought in the cardboard and started looking at pictures of different ninja swords for inspiration.  Mike asked for a yard stick to draw the sword.  I pulled it out and as he reached for it we both looked at it and said, “Wait a minute…”

Before I knew it, Mike had found some black heavy duty tape in the garage and had wrapped an awesome hilt.

Then came the aluminum foil.

Then we set to work on the rest of the costume. We try not to buy anything but a glow in the dark stick.

It’s safe to say the sword will be the coolest part. Either way, Sam’s  definitely into character.

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