Happy Birthday & Decide to Be Married

This year Happy Birthday becomes Public Domain.  Since it’s sung every minute of every day, I guess it’s about time. I’m sure Mildred J. Hill never could’ve imagined her tune, which she wrote in 1859, sung as a good morning song would eventually be so popular . . . maybe her sister, who added the happy birthday lyric stanza to it in 1924 had a hint.  I don’t know.

So we’ll make sure the kids know how to play it on the piano, or the kazoo.  Go ahead and sing it, because you can be sure that someone . . . somewhere  is singing it too.

It’s also Decide to Be Married Day.  I don’t really know what to do with that except share this flashback from four years ago:

We sat at the table working on Perler beads – those things you create with on a peg board and then iron – Everyone was busy, focused on their own work of staggering genius, when Anabelle suddenly looked very concerned.

“Mom, I think I want to get married.”

I looked up, surprised.

Anabelle frowned and stared at her heart-shaped pegboard. “I’ll have to grab a boy tomorrow,” she mumbled.

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