Happy Birthday!

Are you curious what Sam made for dinner last night?

Well, we did look at the Family Fun Kid recipes. He kept trying to convince me that Brownie Pizza would be an excellent dinner.  In the end, we didn’t have much more nutrition than that because Sam treated us to McDonalds for supper.  Since he had a great report card (as well as Anabelle and Katarina), he was able to do that. I was SO disappointed, though, when I found out that The Middle has been taken off Hulu.


I thought it’d be funny to eat our McDs on the couch while watching the show. Simply because it’s something we never do, and something the Heck family always does.

That’s okay. We enjoyed some more riveting dinner conversation learning about things at school that they hadn’t previously told us. Conferences seem to spark that.

Today is the birthday of the saxophone.  This is special to our family since we know this awesome saxophone musician personally. Thanks to Adolph Sax, the inventor, the saxophone is 196 years old.

It’s also our dog, Sugar’s birthday.  And the kids would be outraged if I forgot and we didn’t celebrate.

I look at this picture and am more shocked by how fast my children grew, but just a mere few years ago, Sugar was at the Humane Society, and out of all the puppies in that place, she was the only one who was more interested in the kids than running around the pen. “She’s sweet as Sugar,” Kat said.

Sugar has especially allowed herself to be photographed in all sorts of ways by Katarina. At first I thought Sugar even liked having her picture taken.

I quickly started doubting that.

Nevertheless she’s a patient dog and lets the kids love on her.

She joins in during family games…

Allows Sam to use her as a science project (about a dog’s senses–Sam is wearing glasses that ‘show’ how dogs see the world).

She never fails to make the kids laugh. So, on her birthday, it’s only fitting that we grant her a little rest.

The kids, since there is no school, will want to give Sugar a gift. So, we’ll most likely choose one of these recipes to make homemade dog treats.

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1 comment to Happy Birthday!

  • Terry

    LOL – these photos are great. Poor Sugar,..though I suspect she secretly enjoys all of that great lovin. Thanks so much for popping by and linking up to my impromptu pet photo party. You’ve got a real cutie in Sugar!!

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