Happy Chinese New Year

Photo by GrrLash

Today is the Chinese New Year! We like any excuse to say, “Happy New Year!” If you don’t know much about the Chinese New Year, reading about it is quite wild.

We’re not Chinese, but the kids saw this holiday on the calendar, so that sounds like a good excuse to me make Chinese food tonight!

We also have sick kiddos at home. My husband believes that Hot & Sour soup (as well as any Chinese food that you can add hot mustard) will cure a cold. He says the secret is in the white pepper.  I’ll see if I can score the recipe he’s been developing for years to share, but until then…

Make your own Chinese lantern for your table with a simple brown paper bag.

Let the kids cut shapes in the bag, tape some tissue paper on the inside, and insert a flashlight!

Have fun with it and it’ll be a great centerpiece at dinner tonight!

This is not the final product – it’s a slapped together example:

But you get the idea…

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