Happy Easter!

I love Easter morning. He is Risen!

This is the first sight my tired eyes met this morning.  A sleepy-eyed girl who had just discovered her basket and couldn’t wait to put on her Easter dress!

And since I had a day of flashbacks yesterday as my son had his tenth birthday, my mind immediately flashbacked to an Easter morning years ago:

Oh dear.  Except clearly, she wasn’t wearing this dress. She was wearing her sister’s dress from 6 years ago.

Oh dear.  Okay, back to the present day.

She RAN down the stairs to make sure her older sister was ready to start hunting!

You know that your son has just reached the double digits of age when he comes down the stairs and does his Easter egg hunt with headphones on.

That, and the fact that he finds it hilarious that the Easter egg dying kits come with stickers of rockets and chicks for your use.  Which is, I agree, pretty weird.

Oh!  In the shadow I think I spied the Easter bunny!

Poor doggie.




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