Happy Leprechaun Day!

Sure, I know it’s St. Patrick’s Day, but at our house it’s all about catching that leprechaun.

This year we went a different direction.  During our brainstorm session the kids kept coming up with trap ideas that would well, kill a leprechaun, so we needed to step in – Mike had the idea for a sticky trap.

So, we took a cardboard box, and filled it with sticky rolls of duct tape.  This was to resemble big rocks because, the trap was concealed as

The other side was also irresistible to a Lep:

Then EARLY the next morning (stupid Daylight Savings Time), we staggered downstairs at 6 a.m. to find that we had CAUGHT ONE!!!!

Wait!  What?!?

Sam explained.  “It’s a dressed up green pole that says ‘You Win’”

Then they found fake gold!

That leprechaun prankster!

Anabelle wanted to investigate the fake Leprechaun, and was shocked when she took off his hat to find he was actually a mini M&Ms container!!!  (Sorry for blurry pics. The kids are never still when discovering candy.)

If you try to trap a leprechaun and it doesn’t work, beware… more pranks!

They split up the candy in bags to save for later, and set about to get ready.  We’ve found that when you don’t have green outfits on hand, washable marker can go a long way -

The day went on with busyness and the Leprechaun was forgotten until after dinner when Mike suggested a special treat of vanilla ice cream.

Mike yelled, “Ah! Come on! That Leprechaun has gone too far!”

The kids jumped up to find that the Leprechaun had, in fact, replaced our vanilla ice cream:

with Mint Chocolate Chip!  The kids thought this was hysterical!  (Don’t tell the Leprechaun but I much prefer mint chocolate chip to vanilla, so this worked in my favor.)

Hope you had a fun St. Patrick’s Day!

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