Happy New Year!

We followed through on some of our New Year’s agenda including flashlight limbo, charades, and goody making. We added some “club dancing” via iTunes (and the fullscreen fireworks-looking visualizer) but things went downhill when the kids wanted to start picking the songs, like this one.

All in all, New Year’s Eve rocked.

Except for our dog going berserk when the fireworks started outside.

We even broke out the wax paper.  Oh, you didn’t know wax paper could be fun?  Well thanks to Frugal Family Fun we figured out how to do indoor ‘ice’ skating a.k.a carpet skating!

We made cookies and delivered them to the people whose Christmas light shows brought us so much joy!  The kids played legos while I cleaned up after the insane baking spree.

I still can’t believe the trains and car were just a bunch of itty bitty pieces a couple days ago.  I love Legos.

Then I wanted to pass out. But I was too hungry, and Sam had just reminded me that we still had six hours to go until midnight (sigh)  so instead we made some Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Chicken Dip.   Can I get a YUM in the house?

Happy New Year from our house to yours!

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