Harry Potter Party Part 2

Pardon my yawn.  I meant to post more prep photos before the party, but then the party happened (a success) and ever since I’ve been very tired.

Back to prep:

Looking around the house (kids closets) while they were in school proved very productive!  Squishy balls, floppy frisbees, fake rocks, magic tricks, rubber duckies, fluffy balls – anything that would look funny with googly eyes attached to it, I snatched.  Since these were all things in the back of closets I knew they wouldn’t miss the items until after the party!

Right before the party, I took said items with googly eyes on them and gave them Fantastical Beast names.  I typed the names up for the Care of Magical Creatures class and hid them in the backyard a.k.a the Dark(Forbidden) Forest.  In a separate bag, I tucked away a bottle of silly string and a funny talking turtle puppet for later.

The kids finished the Harry Potter Lego display for party goers playing enjoyment in Zonkos.

These sets are just so COOL!  It was Christmas when they first starting getting some of these sets and they have yet to stop playing with them.  I highly recommend them!

We set up a table next to the Lego sets with magic tricks and The Encyclopedia of Immaturity and other funny items for the rest of the Zonkos store experience.

The invitations were sent with a Galleon (chocolate coin) to gain entrance to Hogwarts.  For Sam’s birthday only, the whole Harry Potter world was enchanted to look like a Muggle world (thanks, Dumbledore).

We kept my party motto: S.O.S.  which stands for Simple or Silly.

Once the party-goers made it through the wall, they had to have a visit to Diagon Alley.  Sam took a large sheet of butcher paper and drew bricks on it, which we taped up over the entrance to the hallway.  The kids loved it!  Once in Ollivander’s Shop they had to get a wand.  Each wand was tested by saying, “Lumos.”

If the wand lit up it was your wand, if it didn’t the boxes behind me would clank.  Slight of hand with some glowsticks (wrapped in black construction paper) made the simple effect.  Again, I forgot to take pictures, but Anabelle offered to demonstrate her AH moment with an unwrapped glowstick.

Next, the hilarious Sorting Hat!

We were so pleased to find that the Sorting Hat has a hidden pocket to place, say, a phone on speaker in.  He Who Must Not Be Named In This Blog does a very good Sorting Hat accent and happened to wait upstairs, already on the phone with our speaker phone.

The Sorting Hat did an excellent job interacting with the guests. I wish I had taken some pics of Sam, who was delighted to get the house he wanted, but I was having too good of a time watching the boys’ expressions!

Next, Hagrid made an appearance and took the boys with him to clean up the Dark Forest to prepare it for Quidditch Practice.  He warned them about some of the mysteries of the ‘Forest’ including how a troublemaker kept planting Rattlesnake Eggs in the forest.  Off they went to clean them up and find everything on the Magical Creatures scavenger hunt list.

When suddenly, over the fence, silly string kept flying at them while they hunted, followed by random puppets sticking their heads up and making funny noises.  Lots of giggles!

When everything was collected, Hagrid asked them to make sure the Rattlesnake Eggs hadn’t hatched.  When they peeked in the envelope they each jumped a foot!  Then erupted in laughs.  Hagrid had to teach them this classic prank, that you can find here.

Quidditch practice was next, using a red balloon as a quaffle.  Once the boys got thirsty they visited Hogsmeade for some butter beer!

SO GOOD! Yum!  Get a 6 pack of IBC Cream Soda bottles. Just 1/2 tsp. of butter flavor in each bottle and swirl it around will do the trick.  Put however much you want in a mug topped with a little bit of homemade whipped cream (1 c. heavy cream, 3 T. sugar, 1/2 t. vanilla, 1/2 t. butter flavor).  Mmmmmm.

Honeydukes held a workshop on making Acid Pops:

Simply roll the lollipop in a very small amount of Pop Rocks!  Again, lots of laughs, and lots of “Mmmm”s.

Next, Potions class a.k.a  Science Experiments!  We just gave the ingredients silly names.  Here we made our own Super Bouncing Bubble Solution but put them in smaller containers for the boys to take home.  This was a hit!  They bounced bubbles outside for a good half an hour.

Next, an attempt at making slime and bouncing polymer balls (a.k.a bouncing Snitch).

One happy birthday boy!  Beyond that, Honeydukes candy (Bertie Botts beans), the great feast (Professor Snape’s pizza) and some movie clips kept everyone entertained. (I just wish I took more pictures!)

I can say I highly recommend doing a Harry Potter Birthday Party. So much fun!

And now, if you’ll excuse me, ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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