Harry Potter Pumpkins & Why You Need Uncles

Photo Credit: Uncle Heath

Kids need uncles because only uncles will listen to you talk all about Harry Potter and then spend HOURS carving a pumpkin that will make the kids and their friends go “WOW!”

Only an uncle would go the extra mile and carve the Voldemort from Book 1 (movie 1),

and then turn the pumpkin around and carve the Voldemort from all the other movies…

This is SO cool!

If you are an uncle, or just someone who is willing to spend hours carving and wants everyone to go WOW when they see your pumpkins, I’ve collected many pumpkin carving templates and gathered them at our Halloween Pinterest Board.

Kids also need uncles because uncles tell stories of when they themselves were kids and recall how they put rocket engines in Pinewood Derby cars.  They tell you how to make rockets out of wrapping paper tubes and then explain what Occupy Wall Street is and how Occupy the School really would be the solution to changing recess rules, and can whip out the latest teenage slang at the perfect moment.

Yeah, uncles are dangerous, but they’re also very, very cool.

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