Anabelle made an awesome hat in school to celebrate 100 days of school!

So, in honor of 100 days of school, I thought it would be fun to count how many days the kids have NOT had school since the first day of school.  We’ll find the number, then count out that many cashews, that many raisins, that many m&ms, that many… well, you get the idea – it’ll be our snack bag for a movie or something.

She wore this hat to the bank to open up her savings account after her birthday and proclaimed herself “Queen 100 Days.” They gave her a pencil.

She was hoping for a lollipop.  Turns out they stopped giving those out for health reasons.

She vows to bring them back as her first political action.

Speaking of  political action…

My son has come home irate that the “principal seems to be avoiding me!”

Upon questioning, we found out that Sam has been seeking appointments with the principal to discuss policy.

I was shocked.  “What policy did you want to discuss?”

He corrected his posture. “I think that it is unacceptable that we pay 1.75 for a lunch that tastes like slop.  I could make a better lunch for 1.75!”

When he found out that the principal wasn’t responsible for lunch quality, he began writing letters to the government… and making his own lunch.

My own activist heart beats proudly.

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