Have Some Beans & Cuddle Up?

Today, 17 years ago, I met my future husband.

If not for the three kids who run around our house daily, I’m not sure I’d believe it’s really been that long.  I still love spending time with him, which is why I wanted to plan something to celebrate the day we met.

I thought I’d look to the national holidays to inspire me.

Ah! What good fortune!  Today is Cuddle Up Day!  But wait – today is also Bean DAY?  Hmm…

After I laughed about how the originators of these holidays did not think it through, I wondered if it was an underground effort to get more people to use:

Turns out that bean day was named after this guy that did a bunch of research with beans. So scratch that.  So, the new plan:

Cuddling FIRST

followed by black bean cake – gluten free and you really can’t taste the beans!

And finally, we’re learning karate together -our first class is tonight.  Because after 17 years, we know each other too well – we need new ways to keep each other in line.



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