Helicopter Dusting

“Hey Mom! You know how you complain you can’t dust those way up high ledges?”

I nod.

“Well Dad figured it out!”

Heli-dusting. That’s what we now call it. Hubby got a Syma S107 helicopter last year for his birthday. He had a blast with it until his attention was diverted by a giant baseball bat tail (a.k.a the dog) and flew the helicopter directly into the wall. The copter had already taken approximately 50 hits but this one was just too fast and furious and the wounded copter was placed on top of the refrigerator for our very own Flight Museum.

Until this Christmas when we discovered all the replacement parts are only 5 bucks! Minutes later, the S107 was up and running.

My youngest, seeking to prevent disaster, made a helicopter launch pad for hubby to practice take off and landings.  (Great crafting fun, by the way!)

It paid off. Because by the end of the night, the youngest was telling me about the new sensation that’s sweeping the nation (or not): Heli-dusting.

He buzzes the high landings and sure enough, dust that was caked on, dust that I never thought I could get without a ladder and a sponge, came flying off.  I’m not sure how the wise men feel about the now daily flyover buzz, but as long as they don’t get decapitated, I’m good.


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