Help for Sleeping in A Hotel Room (or Any New Place)

We own three fans and one noise machine.

It helps each room of sleepers to crash easily and stay asleep even if Harley neighbor decides to start up their machine at 11:30 p.m. or the owls in a nearby tree decide to start a quartet. But it’s not so easy to travel with fans/noise machines. And I can’t pack those ahead of time if we’re leaving first thing in the morning.

So I finally researched apps that might do the job. If you check it out, start with the free apps because there are 2 promising ones. Many of the ‘fan noise’ apps are loops of fans but they didn’t edit out the click it makes each time the loop starts over – not very conducive to sleep!

Here are my faves:

This one lets you pick more than one sound and then mix it to the levels you want!  Oh, and it’s FREE!  There is one that costs money, but for as little as we travel this should do the job. It also has a timer and an alarm feature. Sweet!

If all you want is white noise, then iZZZ Free might be the app for you

If you need a fun, family game or didn’t bring  a bedtime story with you, Mad Libs has a free app, and a paid one.


*Not affiliate with any of these apps.  Also, you have to search for them because I didn’t link up the pics. Sorry!   Just so glad these apps are here for me while traveling!

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