How Do Your Kids Feel About Your Blog?

For the fellow bloggers out there, do you ever wonder how your kids feel about your blog?

I recently got the chance to find out.   In 2007, my family moved across the country from family and friends.  So, I started a little blog that was just for family and friends.  I found, like most of you, that I loved the medium.  But more than that, it turned into a beautiful scrapbook of our daily life. It wasn’t just about how our children were growing, it was about how our family was living.

Each January, we’d make it a point to look back over the previous year and we were always surprised.

“We led a full life this year,” my husband said.  He said that for three years in a row.

His sentiment inspired me.  I started to wonder what it would be like if I found something celebratory in each and every day and found a way to live it out with the family.  Thus, Creative Family Moments was born.  For over a year and a half we’ve celebrated days we didn’t know existed…

 National Grouch Day

And whenever an idea came into our head, we were more motivated to actually try it.  (Did I mention that I have an idea about a glowing geyser?… Gotta try it this weekend!)  Life has been ever fuller because of this little blog.   At least that’s how I’ve felt.

Then last week I opened an email that was asking me to consider selling this site.  Apparently, ranking high in google search engines for a number of different things is valuable to some companies.  I announced the email aloud to my family.

“Don’t sell, Mom!” Sam shouted.  ”Don’t do it!  I wouldn’t do it even if it were for a million dollars.”

My eyes widened in surprise.  First of all, a million dollars? If deep pockets are out there, I’d totally sell for a million dollars.  But back to the point, Mike and I were baffled by the strong reaction.   “Why?” I asked.

“Because we might be famous!” Anabelle shouted.

“No, Anabelle, that’s not why!”  Sam shouted back.  ”I just think it’s cool.  We’ve done a lot of cool things.  And we get to help other people do cool things too.”

My eldest daughter just smiled while my youngest nodded in agreement.

Let’s just say that it was a moment that this blogger wants to remember.

So this little blog is sticking around for the time being.  Because we’ve got a lot more celebrating the ordinary to do.  And the entire family hopes you celebrate right along with us.

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5 comments to How Do Your Kids Feel About Your Blog?

  • Nooo, don’t sell!!! I just found your blog and am really enjoying it… Unless you can sell but still write it, like cash the money and keep the day job? Ooh, that would be cool!

  • Kristen

    I love this and I love your husbands comment about “a full year”. I had a rough time losing a loved one at the end of last year and that seemed to overshadow everything. When I looked back at the year through my blog I realized that little blip (which doesn’t mean it wasn’t significant) was a hurdle in a really full and great year. I count my blessings everyday and when I forget what those are, I just peek back at the pages of my blog and it is all easily remembered.
    Great post!

    • Fun Mom

      I know exactly what you mean. Who knew a blog would help on rough days and serve as a reminder to be thankful for our blessings?! So cool.

  • Joan

    You definitely need to keep writing. I love to read this blog when I come home from work each day. Brings a smile to my face.

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