How Our Family Saves Money

Update:  Ironic that a really great deal just came up through Living Social, who I talk about later – Get a 20 dollar amazon card for $10!  Here

Now moving on… Since I’ve been asked enough times, I’m posting some of the ways our family saves money.
I’ll post this here but also make it a page. If it changes, I’ll make changes there:

Getting Money Back

Along with using Discover (or other reward based credit cards) during online shopping – we started using Ebates, and got a considerable amount back on some of our online shopping!

For instance, Mike got a Best Buy gift card for his work Christmas bonus. With shipping, his order went slightly over the gift card amount, so we went through eBates, used our Discover, and since the rebate applies to the whole order, we got more back than what shipping cost!
Just click on the graphic below to check it out:

Daily Deals
Like ebates, you just sign up for these with an email address. No obligations. We keep a Gmail address just for things like this, and it’s paid off! They usually send out an email once a day– or whenever they get a new ‘deal’. I can tell by the subject line if it’s worth reading or investigating. And only buy if you know you were wanting that particular thing anyway and it will save you money!

We got an AMAZING dinner date this way for 5 dollars at an Italian restaurant! It was awesome!

Mamapedia Sweet Deals I like this one. They offer things, thus far, that are up my alley– like I got a Family Fun Magazine subscription for 2 bucks! I just put in my email for the sweet deal alerts. (The rest of the site doesn’t suit my fancy.) Plus, if you do get something 5 % goes to the school of your choice. It’s not much but schools assure me that every little bit counts.

So far, I like this one too. They gave me a five dollar credit for signing up then the next deal was a cool photo book, free shipping, for five dollars. Score! We’ll see what else they offer in the future…

Living Social seems to have more city choices than even Groupon, and they start you off with a credit of 5 deal bucks. Yet to see something I couldn’t live without, but I like to be safe. ( ;

Deal Pulp
We haven’t seen any must-haves yet, but they’re starting to look better.

So far this one looks like baby clothes and maternity clothes.

RueLaLa I don’t know fashion. But these guys apparently do. This is all about labels. MarcJacobs, Calvin Klein. I signed up just to see what the deals were, and I did get a DKNY item for dirt cheap. But I’ll rarely ever use this one. When my daughter saves up more money I think she’ll be checking these boutiques out.

No More Rack This one is growing fast and their deals are looking quite promising, plus they have a flat 2 dollar shipping fee.  Not bad.

Why wait for the Sunday paper? Yep. I visit the coupon site once a week to see if there’s anything I had on my shopping list. Stuff besides meat, veggies, bread, and cheese (I get those at Costco). I try to print two of any coupon that looks worth it. Then I watch the sales at Target (who also has printable coupons on their website), Walgreens, Rite-Aid, Fred Meyer, Winco for the best deal (and like to stack a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon). I’m not one to visit a bunch of stores per week, though.

Search. Shop. Win. SWAG BUCKS!

Surely you’ve heard of this. I use Firefox, signed up with that email account I mentioned, and added swagbucks to my search choices in my browser. (Not fond of the toolbar and all the other excess goodies.) Then I search using Swagbucks. If I’m not getting what I want, I switch quickly back to google. The point is, when you search with Swagbucks you get points. The points add up and earn you Amazon gift cards.

Amazon. I like that Amazon has a Deal of the Day You can even sign up for emails to find that out.  With giftcards stored up in your account, you can wait for something you’ve always wanted at a killer deal. Yesterday, for instance, we got a portable GPS we can use in the car or for geocaching! Marked down 80 percent!

But most of all, the best way to save money is not to spend it in the first place!

Wanna share some ways you save money?

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4 comments to How Our Family Saves Money

  • wendy hania

    Girl – you didn’t mention the Krazy Coupon Lady…. You turned me onto her & I’ve actually had to say to people – Get in another line, Honey. You don’t wanna be behind me.

    • Fun Mom

      That’s because I’ve actually been using Money Saving Mom more (I have her widget link on the right. I’ll add the widget to FortheMommas and Fabulessly Frugal – two other sites I subscribe to and love.

  • Becky

    Thanks for this post!! I’m a Sunday paper couponer (and Aldi shopper- does that count?!), but not much more… will have to check these out!

    • Fun Mom

      You actually save more money in the grocery area than us Northwestern folk by going to Aldi’s. They don’t have any here… : (
      But we have Costco, so I can’t complain too much.

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