How to Enjoy the Wind

Windy days are coming.  Spring and Fall in the Northwest usually means bouts of strong winds that can last for hours.  I used to dread such windy days. You could hardly do anything outside.  My kids see it differently.

They love to take objects out into the wind and see how they do.

The next thing I knew they were rifling through our closet for handkerchiefs, umbrellas, and anything that was kite-like without actually being a kite – as I offered them kites and they said, “Nah, too boring. We know what a kite will do.”

Experimenting in the wind had an unexpected bonus.  Fast forward a couple of years since they’ve been doing this and you find Katarina studying how parachutes work and how they can best maneuver safely despite windy conditions.  So for the past few months she’s been making prototypes, testing them, and reading over case studies from NASA.  Her curiosity started with taking things out to blow in the wind.

Of course they might have taken it too far…  I didn’t anticipate Sam coming inside shirtless with a sheepish grin.  “Um, Mom, my shirt sort of, um, accidentally ended up on the roof.”

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