How to Face Your Fears… With Teddy?!

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Today is National Face Your Fears Day.  Before you get stressed about what that’ll look like, I have some great news.  This is the only year thus far that Face Your Fears Day coincides with National Bring Your Teddy Bear To Work Day.  Teddy Bear day is supposed to provide stress relief and joy.  So face your fears with your teddy bear at your side!

The fear focus is intended to inspire people to find ways to conquer the fears that hold them back – in relationships, jobs, etc.

What a great thing to do with kids!  Our little people have plenty of fear and I’m excited for a focus to talk about it.  After all, “Do not fear!” is written numerous times in scripture.

The site has some funny ways to get people talking and thinking about their fear that will work, surprisingly, just as well for kids!

One is to spell out your fear with candy and then chomp it up! (Raisins would work too.)

Another has you write your fears then put it on the bbq grill and torch it.  Parents would have to use extra caution with this one.

I know the top ten fears include public speaking, snakes, etc. Yet, I think the more elusive fears like fear of the unknown, fear of failure… disapproval, etc. would be more helpful areas for the family to focus on tonight.

As far as the teddy bear goes… I doubt they’d want to take the bear to school (Mom! Embarrassing!) so instead what if they did their chores with teddy and brought teddy to dinner, etc.  We have enough for Mom & Dad to do this too.  It should be a hoot!

Last, but not least, it’s the Navy’s 235th Birthday. There are some great skits to act out tonight!

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