How to Fix Your Child’s Nintendo DS (A True Story)

Step 1:  Lose your mind.  This will be necessary to attempt this. Cue ominous music:  If you are smart, you will turn away right now and buy the child a new DS (preferably with his own money). You’re about to enter scary territory. You’ve been warned. (A man’s deep voice is cackling in the distance.)

Step 2: Check out NintendoRepairShop.  By looking through some of their video tutorials and blogs, we were able to determine what the problems were…  Cue ominous music again: You could take the easy way out and let the NintendoRepairShop do the diagnosis and repair for you.  No? Well, then . . .

Step 3: Before you order any replacement parts you will have to open the thing up and actually make sure that you’ve determined all the problems.  Save yourself a lot of screaming and wait until you have a Tri-Wing Screwdriver.

Step 4: Order the appropriate parts from the repair shop or from ebay.

Step 5: Stay away from all caffeine products for the week prior to trying to repair. Also, don’t read any fine print. You will need steady hands and rested eyes.  Prepare for a lot of squinting at micro screws and connectors.

Step 6: Get the new parts and watch the repair diy video tutorial religiously.  WATCH the whole thing first  BEFORE beginning the process.  This is when you’ll discover that a soldering tool will be needed. You mumble underneath your breath nasty things about important tools needed that weren’t previously stated and who on earth you think you are that you could possibly fix a broken handheld gaming system.

Step 7:  SEND the children outside or far away in case you suddenly break out into screaming (or worse) after bending over a motherboard for an hour, trying to wrap a delicate ribbon into a curl while simultaneously slipping it into a curved tunnel the size of an atom (all the while hearing the warnings on the tutorial that if you break the ribbon all your money goes down the toilet).

Step 8: Tell your child that the chance of this actually working is 1 and 5 billion.  Berate yourself for letting your child talk you into attempting this and spending the 20 bucks on parts. Curse Perry the Platypus.

Step 9: Put the DS back together and say a little prayer.

Step 10:  Feel like you totally rock (because you do) as you watch your child decorate his new DS housing shell and begin playing all his favorite games.  Then give your husband a high five and promise yourself that you will never do something like this again!

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