How to Have a Wonderful Snow Day: A Very Detailed List

Step 1: Have your children and school teachers pray for snow, snow, and more snow.  And for no one to plow.

Step 2: Tiptoe into your child’s room, after you’ve let them slightly sleep in, and tell them that it’s a snow day. This is entertaining when you realize that they’ve never had one and don’t know what it is!

Step 3:  Allow the kids to celebrate for a moment.  Then tell them:  “Hold on. A snow day doesn’t mean a day out of work. You still need to get dressed, eat breakfast, do your chores and then you’ll have several jobs.”  Let them moan, then continue:  “Then you must make an awesome snowman in the front yard, build a gigantic fort, and have a killer snowball fight.  After that, you have to drink hot chocolate.”

Step 4: Listen to them laugh and help them get ready.

Step 5: Take pics of them building a snowman!

Step 6: Watch them do their jobs out of  order and have a snowball fight with all the kids in the cul-de-sac.

Step 7:  Lunch of mini-pizzas. Yum.

Step 8: Be impressed at their fort/igloo-making skills.

Who Knew Our Dog Would Love Snowball Fights?

Step 9:  While they finish up the igloo, start making hot cocoa –on the stovetop from scratch. Cause it’s yummier. Mmmm.

Yet again, Cocoa is my nemesis.

But I am victorious! And it’s yummy.

Step 10:  Add marshmallows and you have happy kids.

Step 11:  Add some espresso, and you have happy mom and hubby (who is just arriving home from work).

Who needs Starbucks Mocha?

Step 12: Send the kids back outside to finish igloo while hubby makes flavorful, delicious, mouthwatering potato soup (with bacon) and you make fantastic, amazing apple crisp (thanks to my friend that sent me Lake Chelan apple filling!).

Step 425: Eat soup then let the kids build grand forts indoors.

Step 2600:  Get cozy and read books.  A movie can be substituted here if your daughter doesn’t have a school life skills project that forbids her from using electronics for a week.

Step 16: Sneak a bite of the warm apple crisp.  Because you can. Feed everyone and send them to bed.

The Final Step:  Reflect over a fabulous day, and be thankful that not every day is a snow day.  (Then pass out.)

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