How to Host A Littlest Pet Shop Party

For the second year in a row, my daughter has requested a Littlest Pet Shop Party. Last year, I covered the furniture with colorful sheets and kids ‘groomed’ all the stuffed animals in the house.
This year, I had a little more fun with it:

We printed out the above image and posted it on the front door with a title saying, “Happy Customers.” Underneath we pasted pictures of funny dogs and cats dressed in costumes.

Ahead of time, I visited the dollar store for some trinkets: streamers, one pack of headbands, pencils, balloons, and cute notepads.  At Walmart I picked up some cake mix & frosting (with coupons) and one sheet of black felt and one sheet of white felt (25 cents each). The most expensive item of this thus far cheap party: a pack of play-doh.  NOT the party favor kind. Turns out a ten-pack is cheaper and has more play-doh in it!

I cut the felt into shapes and glued a small bit of pipe cleaner onto the back to wrap around the headband.

Next I prepped the clues for the training session.  I was, after all, going to be head groomer at the Littlest Pet Shop – I needed to provide some pet training.  All LPS pets need to be able to sniff out bones and treasures.

I made sure that one bone a.k.a. clue would have the pets chase down her sister, and another bone would chase down her dad (who would pretend to be scared of dogs and run away causing a big chase scene!). Each clue found would have a treasure with it.

The day of the party, Sugar needed to dress the part to fit in:

The guests got to pick their own  headband and then got whiskers and a nose.  I recommend staying away from face paint which is always a beast to get off and has a questionable reputation in the area of toxicity. I used a washable, new, soft eyeliner where I could break off a piece to a new section for each girl.  Plus I had some sensitive skin makeup remover on hand if they wanted it off. (Rinse after use just in case of super sensitive skin.)

Then we took white paper and the girls got to make their own name-tag for their collars!

Anabelle named herself “Meowus”

With a rolled up piece of  streamer we made a collar. It’s very easy for the girls to break off if they don’t want it on anymore.

The agenda included:

Treasure hunting, balloon relay races (not being allowed to use paws or mouth), cupcakes topped with ‘kibble’, puppy chow (a.k.a rice chex with peanut butter, chocolate, and powdered sugar) and goldfish crackers for snacks, a training session where the girls got to ‘teach’ each other new tricks, and an egg hunt for a final prize to put in their doggie bags.   And somehow, they still had enough time for a lot of silly free play.

The girls seemed to have had a blast which makes this Littlest Pet Shop hostess very happy.

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