How to Host an Awesome Teenage Girls Christmas Party

Step 1: Let the kids hang out a bit.

Step 2:  Have a Christmas Photograph Scavenger Hunt. Outdoors is awesome, yes, but when time constraints and driving is an issue, never fear!  All you need is a webcam!

I set up a list of assignments for the girls. They had to take 15 different pictures –everything from a snowball fight, to visiting the Eiffel Tower at Christmas.  We have Photo Booth which makes things very simple. Just grab an image off the internet of the scene you hope to achieve and insert it as a backdrop!  If you have a PC, many web camera programs also have such features, but you might have to hunt around.

I asked Katarina to recreate one of the pics the group of girls did.

Assignment #5: Visit Disneyland at Christmas

Other things they did that I can’t show you due to copyright issues:  Hanging out with Scrooge, Helping Phineas & Ferb with Whatever They’re Doing That Day, Helping the Penguins of Madagascar on a Mission, Ice Skating in Central Park and Getting Surprised by the Elves in Prep & Landing.

Step 3:  Hide upstairs while girls do this assignment, or put in earplugs.  The giggles and laughs may cause permanent hearing damage.

Step 4:  Serve yummy goodies, such as Oreo Truffles .  Don’t expect to get but one or two.

Step 5:  Offer a gingerbread mini-village for them to decorate– or supply graham crackers, icing, and decorations.

Step 6: Hide again.  The laughter seriously will hurt your ears and make you smile simultaneously.

Step 7:  Let them pull up Christmas Karaoke off YouTube and begin singing together.  Jingle Bell Rock and Grandma Got Ran Over By A Reindeer will be big hits.

Step 8:  Send them home, and enjoy the quiet and your daughter’s big smile.

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