How to Make Homemade Snow Cones


Step 1: Use a snow cone machine or a shaved ice machine…. Nah.  That’d be too easy (and too expensive).  Instead, get some ice.  If you have one of those nifty crushed ice dispensers in your fridge, get that kind. Otherwise cubed will do the job.

Step 2:  Insert ice slowly into food processor.

Step 3:  Pour on some fruity syrup of your choosing.  I like Torani Raspberry Syrup because it’s made from pure cane sugar.  Now I’ve heard that the ratio is 6 oz. of shaved ice to 1-2 oz. syrup.  But I only did 2 tsp. and it tasted sweet to them!

Step 4:  Listen to your children ooooh and aaaahh over your genius, and then revel in the fact that this is soooo much cheaper than going to the snow cone stand!

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