How to Make Ice Cream on a Trampoline

It was a hot summer day and we didn’t have any ice cream in the house.  We did, however, have a carton of half & half.  Have you ever heard of ice cream in a bag?

The concept is simple. In a gallon size ziptop bag, you fill it half full with ice and 1/2c. rock salt.

In a quart size ziptop bag, you pour 1 c. half&half, 2T.sugar, and a dash of vanilla (or whatever flavor you like.)

You put the sealed quart bag into the gallon bag, close it up, and shake for 5 full minutes.  My kiddos arms can’t really handle 5 minutes of shaking, so I sent them out to the trampoline to jump for 5 minutes!

Easy!  And the added bonus of getting 5 minutes of exercise before indulging (shhh…don’t tell them it’s exercise!)

Happy kids!

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