How to Make Old Time Radio Family Night

After school yesterday, I remembered that I had promised an old time radio night to the kids.  So I pulled up images of Old Time Radios and decided on an upright model.  I grabbed a box and added a pipe cleaner.

I clearly don’t fit the mold of crafty moms because I didn’t have any construction paper on hand!  Instead, I pulled out a couple of brown lunch bags, cut them, and attached.

I believe in pretend play and imagination – as such, I don’t worry so much about perfection, and I’m not good at drawing straight lines.  So, if you decide to do this, just have fun with it! Freehand draw!

Add a few black pop bottle caps, and voila!  Set it on an end table next to your husband’s homemade trumpet lamp (that should definitely be a post one day!) and start taking black and white photos!

We had a busy, chaotic night but thankfully the 1938 Adventures of Superman radio shows were only 15 minutes long!

After thought — if you wanted to make a horizontal old time radio, you get fit one of these inside for a more realistic model! ( ;

We just fired up the internet and listened to the very first radio show, but in our imaginations, it came from the radio.  And… the show was HORRIBLE!  Sounds and acting were so melodramatic and the script was lacking, and yet… the kids were so engaged!

Sure, we made fun of ridiculous lines, and laughed at bad sound effects, but the kids were disappointed when it stopped.  Sam jumped up and wanted to hear the next episode.  Enter perspective:  in 1938 you would’ve had to wait a whole week to listen to the next 15 minute episode.

They just stared at me.

“Okay,” Anabelle said.  “We get it.  But we’re not in olden days so let’s just hear what happens next!”

Mike and I were surprised.  But it revealed two things for us:  that our kids would love good books on tape, and the enduring power of the story of Superman!

Photo by Wyscan

(sidenote: That’s a pumpkin!  I so want to carve that next year!)

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