How to Make Valentines that Make You Laugh!

When you have dramatic children, it only makes sense to capitalize on it for some cheap and hilarious valentines!

These were so much fun to make!  Anabelle put on her favorite dress, we snapped a picture and printed out 3×5 b&w pictures.

After two small snips, the valentines were done!  I loved them!

Sam didn’t want ANYTHING remotely lovey-dovey.  Therefore, no pink.  No hearts.

So I bought a bag of candy Nerds.  And to make sure there wasn’t anything remotely girly, I weeded out all the pink ones.  Purple only for the class.

But Sam “HAD” to own his own details for his best friends.

And he also made this in school.  It’s an oldie but goodie.  Conversation hearts for the iPod and Rolos covered in tinfoil for the headphones. Yum!

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