How to Unintentionally Freak Out Your Neighbors (While Prepping for School)!

For the last week, the alarm has been set for nice and early.  The kids groan as I gently rub their backs and whisper, “Time to wake up.”  Then, five minutes later, I bounce on their mattress and say loudly, “Seriously! Time to Get Up!”  Their eyes flicker enough that I know they’re awake and then I kiss them soundly on the cheek, which always transforms to a Zerbert.  Their is no snooze on a Zerbert by mom.

This is our school routine.

Except … it’s not school yet!  The first day we got dressed, ate breakfast, and walked to the corner of our block and back.

The next day, we biked around the block.

Yesterday, we biked all the way to the kids’ school.  They’re starting to get the groove.

Then today, today, we freaked out the neighbors.  Today, the youngest practiced riding her bike to school while wearing a backpack (filled with school supplies).  This is her first year of riding a bike to school, and her first year of operating a bike lock by herself.  So we wanted to practice before being shoulder to shoulder with 200 other kids.

Have you ever noticed kids only have one speed on a bike?  Super sonic speed!

My kids don’t joyride.  They speed ride.  So early in the morning I follow lazily behind… half a block behind.  And I wasn’t prepared for the reactions my kids zooming to school (while wearing backpacks) would have on the neighborhood.

Double-takes galore!  Panic-striken looks on parents’ faces as they were backing out of their driveways to go to work.  As in, ‘Oh no! Today’s not the first day of school, is it?!?’

Most of the time, their panicked looks turned to pity, thinking my poor children got it wrong.  And since they didn’t see me lazily coming up behind them, the whole spectacle was quite amusing.

As the kids rode onto the school lot, I observed a young couple with their toddler child on the playground.  Their smiles faded as they saw my kids speed into the bike stands.  Anabelle, timing herself, whipped out her bike lock and feverishly worked at it.

The two young parents looked at each other wide-eyed and quickly turned their gaze to the pathways leading to the playground, as if 200 kids might suddenly swarm them.  And then they saw me ride up and congratulate my daughter on the great practice run, and they relaxed.

So, while I’m sort-of sorry that I freaked out the neighborhood, it was quite funny to observe!  And besides that, the kids and I both feel ready for next week.  Although we have a practice run to the middle school planned for tomorrow.  Hee hee! I can’t wait!

And if you want to freak out your neighborhood (and cause your husband to laugh every time he sees it), let your child plant a  sunflower seed and watch it grow higher than your roof line!

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2 comments to How to Unintentionally Freak Out Your Neighbors (While Prepping for School)!

  • sherri

    I absolutely love this!!!
    I would be one of the parents that thought they had the day wrong..we would hurry and dress…and meet you at the school…for a quick park playing! :)
    I have wanted to plant sunflowers…and I love how tall it is!

  • Elisa | blissfulE

    Love it! I’m sure your children now feel quite confident to get to school.

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