How to Write Your Christmas Letter As a Family (Mad-Libs Style)

It’s that time of year again. Time to start addressing everyone you know, and send a Christmas Newsletter along with a family picture.

I firmly believe that the whole family should participate in this project.

No one likes seeing their name in print without prior approval, or finding out that the  “whole world” now knows about their secret collection of Dum Dum lollilop wrappers or the cast they had to wear for six weeks after falling off a treadmill trying to imitate the OK Go music video.

So, as a Christmas gift to you, I’m offering our family’s Christmas Newsletter template:  what we’ll actually be using for our own Christmas letter.

If you’re familiar with Mad Libs, then you’ll understand the concept.  The first page is to be done as a family; ask everyone’s opinion for each space then vote on which one the family chooses.  Once this process is done, fill in the blanks on the second page.

Copy your filled out letter onto pretty stationary, add a picture of everyone in green or red and you’re done! You could even scan it in and email it to everyone instead.  And all for free!

And if you’re not crazy like us, you can just give it to the kiddos to do while you make your real one.

So here it is.  From my house to yours, our printable, free Christmas Letter Cheat Sheet for Families.  Click on the link, print, and go to town.

I hope you share your finished product with us. We’ll be sharing ours shortly!

Merry Christmas!

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