How Well Do You Text, Parents?

I am one of the last ones to get a cellphone.  Still, I like to think I know my way around a text… or can figure one out.  In other words, I dislike admitting that I don’t know squat about texting… I want to be able to keep up with my kids and know what it is they are saying to each other!  And when my daughter texts me, “KK” I want to know that it means Okay, although that still makes no sense to me! Why not text OK or just K?!

Just yesterday I got a text saying NP.  I frowned. Mike came to my rescue: “It means no problem but is often used in place of you’re welcome.”

So, true confession… when my daughter got a text messaging glossary poster I was relieved… because I can sneak back there and look.

Today (true story) I got a text from a friend about a serious matter that said:  “Ok. nmn nll ppp out yu jk jgy uiii oo ikk iioooi mug nmn umy!”

My mouth fell. Oh my gosh. I had no clue!  So I went to the glossary in Kat’s room.  And was completely lost.  What would you think it meant? (I’ll reveal the answer in a minute.)

But first,  let’s see how well YOU do with the following text quiz, parents!  What do these texts mean?:


2. UG2BK


4. OMW

5. COS





10. WUWH


1.Don’t Know Don’t Care; 2. You’ve Got to be Kidding!; 3. What Are You Doing?; 4. On My Way; 5. Change of Subject; 6. Thanks for Letting Me Share; 7. Far More Than You Ever Wanted to Know; 8. How Should I Know?; 9. So What Do You Think?; 10. Wish You Were Here.

How’d you do??  (I had to look at the answers 3 times to remember them!)

Now back to my friend’s text… I eventually gave up and sheepishly texted back,  “I have no idea what that meant.”

The response:  “Oh sorry! My toddler had the phone!”


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